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7th-Jul-2008 03:53 pm - Yay for perpetuating ignorance!
dark pixie - fuzio
You know, it never ceases to amaze me, the ignorance, hypocrisy and hatred that comes from organized religion.


Here, we have a story about South Carolina offering religious plate designs for drivers. Yet if I remember correctly, numerous states have attempted to allow drivers the choice of having a "Gay Pride" plate design, only to be met by organized religion shouting at the top of their lungs about furthering the "homosexual agenda".

As I've said thousands of times, NOTHING good has ever come from organized religion. It is the one and only thing which has created the ignorance and hatred toward LGBT americans. The one group(s) in this nation claiming to be open and loving, wanting to bring people to "God" is the sole reason LGBT persons are treated like 2nd class citizens.

I will never understand it, nor do I wish to.
30th-Jun-2008 05:59 pm - Chicago Pride!
terror alert - rainbow
Wow! That's all I can say! My friends and I went to Chicago (they went last year) this year for Pride! It was amazing, had the best time ever. First of all, Boystown is a completely different world when you come from Kentucky. It's nothing but "gayness" everywhere, to say the least. I feel so at home and comfortable walking the streets, it's as if the rest of the ignorant bitoged world has disappeared.

I took ~70 pictures of the Pride Parade, uploaded them to MySpace and Facebook. http://www.myspace.com/jtaker
Feel free to take a look. ^^

I'm pretty sure we'll be returning every year, it was amazing.
25th-Jun-2008 02:53 pm - Rant - Religion
deal with it
For the longest time, I have never been able to understand why various religions felt it was their "right" to force open the door of the Government and alter out Constitution to fit their beliefs. Every day, I read another story about how some "religion" is attempting to have any recognition of gays and lesbians, in the public, diminished, as if we weren't human beings, but some curable disease.

Like today for instance. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is asking California members to join the effort to amend that state's constitution to define marriage as being between a man and a woman.
In 2006 the Mormon Church felt they had a right to send a letter to the United States Congress demanding they pass an Amendment to our Constitution to ban Same-Sex Marriage.

When I think about it, it does nothing but create this rage within me, to the point that I just want to...I don't even know.
Only in America, would we proudly celebrate our prejudice toward a class of people based on their sexual orientation and completely demoralize them as a segment of the population.
Only in America would RELIGION, being the one and only opponent of Same-Sex Marriage, suggest a governmentally imposed prejudice against a class of people based on their sexual orientation.

Think about that. Those of you not brain-washed by your "oh so holy" Church. A governmentally imposed prejudice by your so-called "loving" religion. All religion is attempting to take over this country and impose their beliefs on everyone.

Religion is a joke. It is fake and always will be fake.
They want to clamp onto their leather-bound books, which were written by Man, and claim everything within those pages holds the key to our existence and our universe. How anyone who can claim to be sane and believe that proclamation is beyond me.

Face the facts, all religion derived from Astrology. Read up on it and you'll be shocked at how everything in "Religion", everything you claim to know as faith, is explained by Astrology. But, of course, those who have their heads shoved into their Bibles, Quarans, Books of Mormon, etc. are too busy falling in line like a bunch of sheep, believing what they're told won't waste their time reading facts.

Instead, you're going to follow the facade of religion. Why? Because religion makes you fear death; no one can deny that. That's all that religion is based on, the sole fear of what happens to you when you die. If religion never discussed "heaven", "hell" or the after-life, churches most likely wouldn't exist. No one "knows" anything about God, the after-life or anything related to religion. You just "believe", or as many call it, have "faith".

Well, you're being blinded by your "faith". Religion is the one and only creator and perpetrator of hate in this country and the world. Religion is the one leading the wave of hatred toward gays and lesbians, all because they claim their "book" tells them to. It's disgustingly hilarious how, before you make any mention of homosexuality, most church-goers are civil and treat you with the love, decency and respect they have for "everyone". Does anyone care to explain to me how the one "group" in this world that claims to promote love for all of "God's Creations" is also the sole creator of the hatred for gays in this world?

No, not all people are religious zealots, threatening to murder or assault any gay or lesbian that enters their realm of personal space. But they share your beliefs, to some degree. Denouncing their actions but still believing what they believe only perpetuates their outrageous actions and beliefs.

People like Fred Phelps are homophobes. For the longest time, in America, people considered a homophobe to be someone who opposes homosexuality (like most politicians) but tends to keep it quiet and attempts to show some respect when discussing the issue. No, sorry; you're an idiot.
Homophobia exists in this country and in the world and who created it? Religion.

People in most states of this country and be fired for their sexual orientation. Think about that and I mean really think about it. Fired for their sexual orientation. I could lose my lively-hood, my income, my home, my car, my food. I could be placed in the streets and shoved into poverty because of my sexual orientation. How can anyone in their right mind believe sexuality is a determination for employment? Hell, our government even believes being gay or lesbian affects your ability to serve in the army or hold/fire a weapon.

There are people in this country and all over the world who are murdered because of their sexual orientation. People who are physically assaulted, robbed, verbally assaulted, fired, evicted and disowned because of their sexual orientation and who is to blame?


So, I'm sorry. But you can take your religion and shove it up your ass. I for one, will not tolerate utter idiocy by people who claim to be "loving" and "caring". They're nothing but two-faced facades of what they want people to think religion is. Religion is nothing but controlling the human population to act and do as they say, for fear of death and burning in hell, and teaching the ideology of hate towards gays and lesbians.

I believe in a creator, one mightier than I. But I most certainly do not believe in YOUR creator, because unlike you, my creator has love and respect for all creatures, no matter who their heart and brain decide to love and have a sexual attraction to.
23rd-Jun-2008 08:22 pm - I'm back on LJ!

Well, I've decided to try my hand at re-entering the LJ World! I'm not exactly sure how up to date I will be keeping this journal but I'll try to update it regularly.

I currently live in Lexington with 2 roommates; Jay and Gary. They've been dating for ~3 years, Jay and I have been friends for probably around 8 years or so. We've been living here since December of 2007 and I'm enjoying it. Certainly beats living with my parents, I could never go back to that! o_x

I've been dating this guy named Chris for almost 4 months now. He lives in OH, and things have been going pretty damn amazing if I must say so myself. He treats me like I've always wanted to be treated by a guy. He shows that he cares about me, he gives a damn about my feelings, etc. It's nice to finally feel like I'm receiving back, the feelings I show to other people. But, for the past month or so, after losing my job, neither of us had really had the time/money to see each other. So, it's been pretty difficult on both of us.

He's having a much harder time than I am, because I'm used to never getting to see my boyfriends. :\ He's really set on moving to Florida as soon as possible, he has family in the Naples area and he's considering moving in with them while he finds a job. The only problem with me going with him is the fact that I don't have someone to live with while I look for work. I would need to save money to afford a place to live and then move/find a job. He says his family may be getting a house with an apartment on the land, so I hope that pans out because we could rent the apartment from them. Who knows, I just feel like this is all going too fast.

So yea, I lost my job on May 7th. I had worked for an Internet Legal-Aide company who shall remain nameless for the sake of, I'm tired of dealing with their ridiculous threats and claims. Someone claiming to be an employee of the company went on Ripoffreport.com and posted a complaint stating the company is a scam, yadda yadda. Well, basically everyone in the company decided to point the finger at me (mind you, having no proof or evidence connecting me to it). So, the CEO and Management confront me, I inform them I had nothing to do with and I could tell, they had their minds made up before I even sat foot in the CEO's office.

So, the CEO tells me to go take lunch while they search my, and everyone else's, computers to find out who had done it. So, I return with my Subway, eat and am called into the Director of Operation's office being told they're letting me go, even though they have no proof I was connected to the complaint except for the word of my co-workers who are obviously just trying to save their asses. Well, I don't take this very lightly and I completely flip out. They make the claim that it's not the complaint they're letting me go for, it's because of my constant "negative attitude" which they allegedly have spoken to me about on numerous occasions. Really? Because I don't recall EVER being spoke to about it. Not to mention, 1 month prior, I received a promotion and $2/hr raise. Not something you usually do with someone who has a "negative attitude". Is it?

So yea, they fight my unemployment and lose. So victory for Josh! Now, the problem of finding another job. Much more difficult than it sounds, the economy is shit here. ):

Since losing my job, I've gotten back into Neopets and I'm truly attempting to turn over a new leaf. I'm just ignoring people who want to start arguments with me, because they know they can get to me. I'm just not caring anymore. I'm just going to help people, answer their questions, make friends and play the game, like I should have from the start. I've recreated an old account of mine that got frozen, so hopefully people won't recognize me and I can just start fresh.

Before losing my job, I had decided to take a break from Neopets. It lasted all of 2 months but it worked wonders, I've realized what an asshole I used to be to people and how idiotic I had been acting. So, I'm going to put all that behind me and make friends, enjoy the game and just....play.

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